Show Box. Movies and TV-shows for free!

Watch your favorite TV series in excellent translation from Lostfilm, and the highest quality, free, online, or just download their device.

Show Box 1.0


What is the main problem when viewing a TV series online? Correctly, as the video stream, and a good voice. But now you don’t have to bother yourself and look how and where to look serials, in good voice acting and high quality. Just install the app Show Box and enjoy your favorite TV shows anywhere where there is Internet, or simply download them to your device and watch it at any place and without the Internet.

The interface and functionality:

Interface the author worked perfectly and made it suitable for use in landscape orientation. On the left there is a navigation bar to quickly jump to the desired sections series, update and download. In the section «Serials» there is a string search (search works perfect and is not bound case sensitive), and the sort button (ranking by name or date). In the section «Updating» displays the latest reviews of the series, and, accordingly, in section «Downloads» displays all the series that you uploaded.

The word about the download, you do not have to download any application to download videos, all embedded in the application, and so works great for that huge plus to the author. Going to any of the serials, you will see the logo and brief description of the button is set seasons, as well as a list of episodes for the selected season. Clicking on the series, you will see a pop-up window, where you need to choose language voice (Russian or English), quality (low, medium and high)and action – download or watch.


To view you also do not require the player, all embedded in the application and works perfectly. Player has a progress-bar and a standard control buttons of player – Start/Pause, fast Forward/Backward. By clicking on the Download button, to automatically add new download in the section «Downloads». To summarize: the Show Box is excellent and so far the only one with such a high quality functionality and a really high quality content. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to the fate of this application, go to Google Play and put a good evaluation (self-five) this application. Enjoy watching!

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