Show Box. Look popular series on Windows Phone smartphone

Show Box (Windows Phone)

Personally, I like the application, waited a very long time. Now one application and cause less, for the sake of which could hold the tablet of other ecosystems. On Windows Phone 8 out application for viewing and download on the smartphone popular Western sitcoms – Show Box!

Show Box (Windows Phone)

Show Box – this directory is made up of a series, which is now sick with a huge number of people. There you can find «the Big Bang Theory» with the transfer of Courage-Bambey, and «Walking dead», and «the Simpsons» and much much more. Only the application has about 100 series. All series are taken from public sources, and in fact apply for review. Otherwise, such an application would have disappeared from the Shops of different platforms.
To get started with the application must pass a simple registration. The application interface is designed in classic Microsoft Style UI and is divided into hubs. When you run the application meets us hub «Serials». You can select the desired TV series. The hub allows you to sort by rating, title, and date. You can also search by title.


Hub «Update». Intended for tracking additions of new episodes in the directory.

Hub «Download». There are all downloaded episodes of TV series for viewing offline. Before downloading episode of the Show Box offers to choose the language and quality. Liked the moment when the test, I was less than 20% battery capacity, the application was not download the episode, saying that it expects to power supply connection to the smartphone. In principle, think this is the right moment. Who wants to stay without a workable means of communication.

Turning to the series, user meets the beautiful screen with a big splash. On this screen you can read a brief information about the series, report it to the social network, and fix the «live» tile series on your smartphone screen.

In the hub of selecting the series, the default is the last current season of the series. Icons episodes present the progress bar viewed series. If the user aborted view, the application will remember the place, and the next time will start from where it left off.

Screen viewing the episode. In real time you can choose the quality of the image and audio track language . Start watching the episode and turned application, when you re-run, it will automatically resume playback from stop.

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Show Box is available completely free of charge, but in some hubs are advertising. Disable it so far, but it didn’t hinder. I hope that the application still be refined, for example, lacks a little bit hub «favorites» to jump to your series. However, in the application of this feature to take «live tiles.

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