Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

A huge number of players around the world are eagerly waiting for September 17. What is this significant date? Is the release date for the most popular and selling games in the world – Grand Theft Auto V. the game’s Developers, the company Rockstar Games, even before the release reported that besides the game will appear with a lot of useful secondary opportunities.

Grand Theft Auto


With time came Grand Theft Auto Online, and now we have yet another convenient addition, in the form of an application that you can install on your mobile device, called Grand Theft Auto: iFruit! The application has many useful features, now you can constantly monitor in-game events directly from their smartphone. Follow the latest news, access to social resource of the developers of the game Rockstar Games Social Club, always be aware of the latest updates and applications.

Now there are a few additions in Grand Theft Auto: iFruit:

Los Santos Customs application that will be enjoyed by players who love the games in the series, GTA cars. Imagine the situation that you have played GTA 5 and only just bought a new pretty machine, or how many love to do – just hijacked, but not had time to tuning, you had to go to work, University or any other such cases. Should not chew what you should have, because you can use an application Los Santos Customs tune your new car directly from your mobile device! Change painting, install a new engine, change the wheel, suspension and much much more. Once you all finish by returning to the game you will find your already updated a car in the garage! Convenient isn’t it?

Grand Theft Auto iFruit
Chop the Dog is an application in which you can care for your beloved pet Franklin, Rottweiler Chop. The essence of applications, like Japanese «Tamagotchi». Walk the dog, feed it, play with it. How well you will treat your pet, and so improve the behaviour of the dog in the game, or Vice versa can get worse if you neglect courtship for the Chop. If the Chop will be satisfied with it, then in the game, he will carry your team and be able to find the secret places.

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