Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Angry – so was born a new part of the Angry Birds for Android from the Studio Rovio. New episode takes place in the galactic universe, where the main characters of evil birds and pigs now in the role of the Jedi and the Sith. The plot Angry for android will be held in the famous movie Star Wars, you’ll see the characters in the film in a new form. The game is made with high-quality graphics and relevant sound design!

Angry Bird

The plot of the game:

A long time ago in a distant galaxy groom bold and desperate rebel birds are faced with the intergalactic threat – this was the Empire of Pigs soldiers.

Bird-the rebels won the first time the Soldiers Pigs , struck with a secret base. During this fight, the birds – they managed to steal secret plans superweapon Empire Pigs, now they urgently need to bring these plans to the birds of the rebels. And this will help You!

In Angry Birds Star Wars game you have to go over 80 levels in different locations, addictive gameplay for many hours.

New gameplay – use lightsabers, Jedi and force blasters.

Upgrade your Birds – additional skills for your birds, and raise your level.

Different secret bonuses.

And much more fun are waiting for you in the game Ingres berds Star Wars

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